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Play is the work of childhood. That’s a fact child development experts (and wise parents) have known for generations. Even as infants, young children love to play—and it’s how they learn best.

That’s the idea behind GrowUpLearning, a new service designed to help parents use play as part of everyday activities to help their young children grow—physically, mentally, and socially.

GrowUpLearning was developed by early childhood professionals—with plenty of input from parents.

It’s easy, it’s fun—and, with activities designed for everyday situations like bedtimes, mealtimes, and even trips to the grocery store, it’s designed to fit comfortably into your existing busy schedule. Special features note each child’s developmental milestones, and let parents share the news. Schedulers, online albums, and other features provide all-in-one convenience.

Early users tell us that GrowUpLearning works—for them and for their children. And that’s exactly what we hoped for.

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GrowUpLearning was created by The Source for Learning, Inc. (SFL). SFL provides families, teachers, and students with powerful resources that improve and reinforce learning across a wide range of learning styles and subjects. For more than a decade, SFL has also offered highly successful sites for teachers: TeachersFirst for K-12 teachers and PreschoolFirst, a complete curriculum and assessment resource for early childhood educators. Much of GrowUpLearning is based on the successful work of PreschoolFirst.

There is something on our sites that will help every child learn, and every parent and educator teach. That’s important to us—after all, we’re parents, too!



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